If You Only Knew–Shinedown


Another Art Journal Page


I’m so extremely proud of this journal page that I couldn’t wait to post it. It’s a quote from the A Fine Frenzy song I posted earlier, and I made a little cardstock envelope and wrote the lyrics down and put  them in it.

Listening to “Hallelujah” in the middle of the night

“There was a time you let me know what’s real and going on below, but now you never show it to me, do you?”

[I miss being close to you. I don’t think you miss me, so I guess it shouldn’t matter, but it does. I miss you holding me, I miss being able to think out loud in front of you, I miss how safe you make me feel, I miss comfortable silences with you, I miss you being able to practically finish my sentences because you know me so well, I miss your smile, I miss your hands in my hair, I miss how you looked at me like I was the more beautiful woman you’d ever seen. I just miss you.]

“But love is not a victory march. It’s a cold and it’s a broken hallelujah.”

Shake-a-booty–Hank Green

“You think if you screw up then you will never live it down,
And it won’t matter if you suck if you don’t take it serious,
But the time I really love you’s when you’re out there on the floor,
And I can see it in your eyes that you just don’t care anymmore.
Makin’ a mistake is just a chance you gotta take.
Girl, you gotta shake-a-booty, shake-a-booty,
Shake, shake.”

It’s ridiculously catchy, y’all.