Art journal whining

Experimented with my lace doilies for a background for a journal page. The results were fairly disappointing. A paintbrush doesn’t work very well, and neither does my paint roller. A makeup sponge works pretty well though. And the lace doilies don’t work well at all, but the larger ones are better.

I used a heavy body acrylic for the first time, and I’m not sure I like it either, so I may not buy anymore of them. I think I’m getting kind of spoiled by the better quality paint I’ve been buying because I used some cheap craft paint for a background for a page and I’m utterly underwhelmed by how thin the paint is and also how much paint it took to cover the paper.

I’m finding that one has to strike a fine balance. Watching art journaling and mixed media technique videos on youtube can be inspiring, but it can also be intimidating. It can show me techniques and make me want to try things I’ve never even thought of before, but looking at other people’s amazing art has a tendency to make me too critical of mine, I think. Tonight it just feels like nothing is going right.


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