Shower Revelation

While I was in the shower just now, I realized something. Whenever it feels like my creative gremlins have come out to gang up on me and make me feel like I will never be able to make anything again, it’s not really about being in a creative slump. Often, I have discovered, it’s about the fact that I’m avoiding dealing with something I should be dealing with. Because, if my journal is what I tell myself it is, meaning if it really is a place where anything goes, then the bad stuff needs to go in it, too. Part of the problem, I think, is that I have trouble really believing that the things I create don’t have to be pretty. If I’m dealing with the negative things in my life, I don’t think that the pages that result out of them should necessarily be “pretty” because then that doesn’t feel honest, but I have a hard time purposely making pages that aren’t pretty.

Hmm. A dilemma I don’t have an answer for.


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