I am officially a person who has more than one art journal. I’m getting tired of wasting paint when I end up not using everything on my palette for a page so I scraped the rest of it onto a page in another moleskine while I waited for my other page to dry. Also I did some doodling, which was oddly liberating. I’ve got three journal pages in progress right now, and I’m not sure any of them will be finished before I go to bed. But y’all should be proud of me; I got over whatever was making me feel like I couldn’t paint over cardstock and did a light layer of paint over some scrapbook paper, followed by some distress ink. It looks really cool!

I did a bunch of shopping today. I got a couple art journaling books full of techniques and prompts and stuff, a bunch of body wash from bath and body works (sales, woo!) and a bunch of stuff from hobby lobby, including a couple of things of distress ink (which I am now in love with. Where has this stuff been all my life and how did I ever journal without it?) and a paper trimmer (yay! no more awkwardly cut cardstock.)

Also dad and I tried a new pizza place for lunch (it was amazing. also cheap. also the slices of pizza were freaking huge.) and saw Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, which wasn’t what I wanted to see. I wanted to see Brave or Rock of Ages, but dad wanted to see either the new Adam Sandler movie, which I absolutely refused to see, or Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. It was an okay movie as long as you didn’t take anything about it seriously. I still found myself rolling my eyes a few times. It was violent and completely ridiculous but also kind of entertaining.



2 thoughts on “Today

    • My paper trimmer is definitely one of my favorite new purchases. It makes my life so much easier because I usually buy 12X12 cardstock, which is quite a bit bigger than my art journal. So I used to have to cut it down with scissors, which always resulted in crooked edges. This works much better!

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