Art Journal Rambling

I worked on my art journal for a few hours earlier. I ended up filling up four pages. On one page I painted a blue/purple background and then painted the words “face your fear” and wrote things I’m afraid of on top of that. Except that the background was too dark so you can’t really read the fears, but oh well, I know they’re there. And another page I practiced painting the words ‘face your fears’ because I wanted to paint it instead of write it and I wanted to make sure it would be legible. And then I just painted a green background over it. And then I did a summery collage over a painted background (I experimented with putting tape down to make clean (ish) lines between blocks of color) and did some journal writing over it. And then I finger-painted another page orangey red and copied a couple of things I wrote in my wordpress blog onto it. Mostly I was really playing around with new techniques for backgrounds today. Also my art journal is kind of becoming just a notebook full of random stuff (quotes, journal writing, lists, experimenting with art techniques, collages, etc.) and I really like it.


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