Dear you,

I tried to write this out on paper and I couldn’t get the words to come out right… or even really to come out at all… because it reminded me too much of writing letters to you, and even if I sometimes ended up not sending them because I’d said more than I really intended to, I always started them intending to send them. But although part of me wants you to read this, I don’t think I can write this for you to read. I’ve been struggling with a couple of things that I know must seem contradictory but that I swear are both true.  you make me feel safer than anyone else I know, and when I was with you, I never worried about the things I normally worry about on dates. The things I can’t stop worrying about on dates, while I’m being honest with you. I never once worried that if I didn’t like, didn’t want, or wasn’t ready for something you did, you wouldn’t stop. I never had a reason to, but it’s more than that, because that’s the kind of thing I worry about whether I really have a reason to or not. There are very few men that I feel completely safe around, and you’re one of them. Despite this, I found myself hesitating when you wanted to know things about my relationship with my ex, in part because I had tried to tell you just about everything that I could remember about it before, and even though you’d said you would do your best to be a good listener, you failed miserably, and it hurt. I know you’re sorry that you did that, but it doesn’t make me less hesitant to risk that again.

I recently realized why relaxing while cuddling is so difficult for me, even when I really want to be held. During one of the last conversations I had with my ex, we had been arguing and I had finally decided that I needed to break up with him, and it needed to finally really be over because it was never going to change or get better. I finally realized that if I stayed it would just continue to get worse and worse. So I told him that I couldn’t be with somebody who hurt me and in whom I was afraid to confide. At first he just got angrier but when he couldn’t frighten me into staying, he decided he would change his tactic and he tried to calm me down and hold me. I remember breaking into a cold sweat and my hands shaking uncontrollably. This sudden attempt at gentleness was extremely unlike him and was a thousand times scarier than his anger, which was frightening enough on its own. Even though I crave gentleness, something about it is extremely unsettling to me.

I don’t know if remembering why this happens will make it easier to deal with in the future or not, but I do know that it’s not even worth trying with someone I can’t already trust not to hurt me, which leads me to believe I won’t be dating anyone anytime soon. Plus, honestly, I can’t see myself with anyone but you, and I still believe that you are worth the wait.


3 thoughts on “Dear you,

  1. Expression is the key that unlocks the heart. When you talk about your past don’t be afraid to allow the other person in. Yes, they may get angry or be disappointed about past action but they will always respect your openness. People prefer to know than to guess and you being open will get that person a chance to know. When you know your holding back, your relationship would be held back. A healthy relationship is about sharing regardless of the outcome. If you love this man, share all you are with him. If he gets mad that’s his demons to overcome because you’re doing your part.

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