Creative Lessons for the Day

I have a cold, so I’m going to keep this short.

  • You can, in fact, write over acrylic paint with crayons and it will be legible.
  • If I write in cursive, I don’t hate my handwriting.
  • If you put two colors of paint together on your brush, you get cool streaky effects.
  • Acrylic paint doesn’t bleed through the pages of this notebook as badly as watercolor, but it crinkles up the pages.
  • If I paint straight up and down and not side to side, I can control it better.

Also, in my experience, creativity is an endless stream of me wondering, “What will happen if I do this?” and then trying it out. I basically never have a plan. Although my best friend says I should have majored in art, I’m convinced that because I never have a plan, I couldn’t have made it through the art program because in her art classes, you always had to intend for things to turn out the way they turned out. There couldn’t be any, “I just wanted to see what would happen and thought it looked cool.” I think I like my method better.

I’ll post pictures when I feel better.


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