Dear you,

“With you, I know that I am good for something,
So let’s go and give it a try.”

–Theory of a Dead Man, “All or Nothing”

I wish we could get this right, because you are one of the only guys I’ve ever known that cared about what I think. And when you compliment me, I know it’s because you mean it, not because you’re trying to get something from me. Too often, it seems as though guys are only complimenting me because they hope that if they do, they can get something from me, whether it’s a date, sex, or something else, and it always comes off as being very calculated, so I don’t believe it. But you only seem to compliment me when you mean it, and not because you have an ulterior motive. You make me feel pretty just from the way you look at me, and you also value my intelligence and my opinions. You’re incredibly intuitive; when I don’t have the words to explain something, you can often finish my sentences.

I’m still waiting for you, sometimes against my better judgment, and I still believe in you. I hope we get it right next time.


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