[TFIOS Spoilers ahead] Dear John Green,

I’ve been reading your answers to questions about TFIOS, and although I don’t have a question, there is something I would very much like to tell you. Four years ago, my mother died. And since then, I have been struggling with the feeling that I don’t have a mom anymore. When I read the part where Hazel overhears her mom saying that she won’t be a mom anymore, it broke my heart. I started sobbing–like, can’t see the words on the page anymore sobbing. Even though my dad is still living, I have somewhat felt like an orphan ever since my mom died, like just because she isn’t here and I can’t see her or talk to her, I don’t have a mom anymore. But Hazel’s mom’s realization that as long as either one of them is alive, she is still Hazel’s mom was immensely comforting and helpful for me. Knowing that my mom is still my mom as long as I am alive makes it a little easier to be without her, and I don’t know that I would have realized that without TFIOS. So thank you for writing this amazing book, and thank you for being unafraid to tackle difficult subjects.


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