In which I ramble about how my spring cleaning is going.

So I’ve been busy doing my spring cleaning,

And now all that’s really left are the things I’ve been avoiding cleaning out…

—sorting through and organizing my movies

—sorting through and organizing my bookshelves

—cleaning out the drawers in my nightstand

I’m avoiding the first two things because they’re big, time consuming jobs and most everything else I’ve cleaned and organized have been little jobs. I’m kind of intimidated by the bigger jobs because I’ll get burned out on them and just not want to finish them and then I’ll have a bigger mess than I had when I started.

And the last one won’t be that time consuming except that Justin’s letters are in one of the drawers and if I just leave them there, I’m fine but if I take them out I’ll be confronted with the fact that it would probably be good for me to get rid of them but it would really fucking hurt and also if things ever do work out with us (even if it means we just could actually really be friends again) I’d feel bad that I’d thrown his letters away.

Just. Yeah. Emotions.


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