Dear you,

I wish you were here to hold me. When you’re around, you make good things better and bad things more bearable. I’ve never had that with anyone else, and it’s hard to be without it. Despite everything, I seem to trust you more than I trust anybody else. I know all the reasons I shouldn’t trust you. I remember how many times you’ve let me down and hurt me, but yet, I still believe in you.

When you touch me, I feel safe. That never happens for me. Never. When any other guy touches me, I feel incredibly anxious and I’m always thinking about how to stop things from going too far. But with you, thinking about the possibilities of what could happen was… yes, a little nerve-wracking (you did break my heart before) but mostly fun and exciting.

Also, when you lightly scratched my lower back? Instant goosebumps.

What I mean is, I’ve never really been attracted to anyone like this. I’ve never wanted anyone this much. And I’m still in love with you and am starting to wonder if I always will be, whether you ever return it or not.


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