Little things to be happy about

  • Getting out of class early
  • Finding a parking space easily
  • Sunshine
  • Books to read
  • New pillows
  • Ice cream in the freezer
  • Spring break next week
  • Making new friends

What are your little things to be happy about today?


2 thoughts on “Little things to be happy about

  1. Cheers to your happy day!!!!! I have spring break as well (one of the perks of being a teacher, right?!) and I’m headed to KY for a mission trip in the Appallachian Region – AWESOME STUFF! I’m also thankful for new friends, especially ones that admit to eating brownie batter and drink sweet tea from a Mason jar!!!!!!!!


    • Yay for spring break! I hope you enjoy your trip! I’m not doing anything special for spring break, just hanging around at home. I’m looking forward to getting to read books for fun without feeling guilty, haha! Simple things make me happiest, truly.


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